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Education presents students and their parents with a constant stream of challenges and decisions. Where to study? What to study? When to study? How to study? How to apply? How to prepare? How to pay?


State school or private school? Whichever you choose, how do you decide which one? What makes a good school? What to look for? What to avoid?
Where for university? At home or abroad? What do I need to qualify? What are my strengths? What are my weaknesses? What are my limits?

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Sometimes we know what our long-term goal is - for example, to study medicine at university - but we don't know how to negotiate the many pitfalls that stand between us and that objective.
Of any university or college course, every student needs to have answers to questions such as: What do I need to study in order to be considered? What are the entry standards? How do courses differ across the globe? What will it cost? How long will it last? Where will it lead?


The world is full of anecdotes and gossip. Education is no exception. But what do you really need to get into a good university? What are they looking for? What must you do some years before to be ready to apply? And what really matters anyway: in school; in university; in life? Is university the right path for you considering the cost and the time involved?

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Contact us to discuss all these vital questions with someone impartial and experienced.

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