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AI and Education

Education has traditionally put the delivery of knowledge and skills at the top of its agenda, decorating its shop window with learning, qualifications, assessment and the prospect of eventual academic excellence and success in life.All this has been based on the assumption that we learn to earn qualifications to get a job to make a living and eventually to live long, healthy, wealthy lives.


The trouble is that this motivational chain breaks as soon as the prospects for eventual employment based on it disintegrate. And that is just what is happening: the AI revolution will take many jobs that have been the traditional means by which the best-educated get on in the world.

Interest-Driven Education

In our view there is only one way out of the motivational desert that AI will create: change how we motivate; change what we value; change our whole philosophy of life.

Replace education as a means to an end with learning as an end in itself.

In particular, foster an interest-driven education that begins and ends with what children, adolescents, young adults, adults and those of mature years find interesting. That is


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