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RIDE⋮AI - Revolutionising Interest-Driven Education through AI



RIDE⋮AI is EDSIL's way of responding to the many opportunities and challenges presented to education by the world's rapid transition to the widespread deployment of Artificial Intelligence. Our acronym, RIDE⋮AI, invites us to Ride the AI Wave.

We see AI promising these main benefits:

  • personalised learning;

  • positive feedback;

  • accurate but unobtrusive assessment;

  • unique and incomparable profiling;

  • unlimited resources;

  • sympathetic guidance;

  • unprejudiced diversity;

  • synchronised differential development.

But there is far more to it than that ...​​

Traditional education struggles to engage students with diverse interests and learning styles.

Its one-size-fits-all approach can hinder the development of individual passions and talents, leading to disengagement and lack of motivation.

With no option but to teach large groups of children all at once, they must all learn the way teachers need to teach rather than be taught the way they are best suited to learn.

AI's Potential in Education

A Future Students and Teachers Will Love

For Students

Personalised Learning

Because AI will relate to every student one-to-one, it will be able to develop a unique, personalised profile of that student's interests, strengths, preferred learning-styles, competences and aspirations.

Then it can design projects based around those interests that will fill gaps in curriculum coverage and open up new avenues of experience and research.

Perennial Skills

Human Development

With so much classroom time having to be devoted to instruction, many of the perennial skills required by every human being took a back seat. But now teachers and students will have time for them. They include:

  • Creativity

  • Critical Thinking & Discernment

  • Communication

  • Empathy

  • Emotional Intelligence

  • Ethical Thinking

  • Cultural Understanding

  • Adaptability

  • Resilience

  • Lifelong Learning

  • Humility

We comment on and explain each of these in separate linked pages of this website (in preparation).​

For Educators

Freeing Time for Creativity

AI will do the majority of lesson-preparation on a personalised basis; it will read, comment in detail upon, and assess the quality of work done by students; it will record and retain relevant statistical and qualitative parameters, and be able to write detailed, constructive, targeted personal reports that point the way forward for students and parents alike.

This will free teachers for a wider range of educational responsibilities.


Repurposed for New Tasks

Teachers, who will now be more like life-coaches, will need to be equipped with a new set of skills to cater to a new educational environment:

  • Centre learning on each child’s interests

  • Trust children

  • Monitor learning rather than deliver it

  • Understand differential development

  • Acquire skills in counselling and coaching

  • Understand mental health as key to learning

  • Share evaluations transparently

  • Explore new possibilities

  • Agree new targets

  • Evaluate and report on achievements

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