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Education for an AI world

Education Development Solutions International Limited


How should education redefine itself now that many of the things it has traditionally aimed to do can be done better through Artificial Intelligence?

Repurposing EDSIL

For the past seven years EDSIL has specialised in offering consultancy in school start-ups. We now intend to redirect our energies to a new challenge: navigation through the new educational space defined by Artificial Intelligence.

Education may traditionally be said to have had at least five major objectives: 

  • To transfer knowledge and skills from one generation to the next so that they do not have to begin again from scratch;

  • To acculturate every new generation by wrapping them in the values, beliefs and objectives of a tribe or nation;

  • To socialise by inculcating standards of behaviour that include and embody values such as acceptance, toleration, peacefulness, fellow-feeling and mutual aid;

  • To encourage healthy physical and mental lifestyles by initiating into good practices

  • To explore the possibilities of life by introducing children to as wide a range of potential interests as possible and by identifying the interests that best suit each individual.


Whether you are considering a school for your children, looking for advice about courses to choose, or applying to university, talk to us about your options before you make a decision.


University and College applications, or decisions about sending children to school abroad, can be stressful and bewildering. Our staff have guided hundreds of applicants through the process. Talk to us about studying abroad in the UK or the USA or elsewhere and avoid some of the common mistakes.


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